Luxury Real Estate Photography

Elevate your home listings with our luxury real estate photography services in Southern California.

Visuals are vital to standing out in today’s digital marketing landscape. When selling or renting luxury property, you need a creative eye that will give you a competitive edge. Flux Media specializes in capturing images that go beyond simply showcasing the features of your property. How do we do it?

Our luxury real estate photography services are different as we will go the extra mile to truly understand your brand’s essence and identity to ensure it is not only captured in each photo but portrayed throughout the project as a whole. This builds a cohesive story that evokes emotion, generates trust, and unveils your property’s unique personality.

Our Photography Services

Whether you’re a real estate agent, home builder, interior designer, home stager, in the hospitality industry, or anywhere in between, an experienced luxury real estate photographer from Flux Media is here and ready to help.

DSLR camera on a tripod

Interior Photography

Our team offers top-notch interior photography services, capturing the essence of your property. The property should be clean and ready upon arrival. We will also light each space to ensure that everything is adequately highlighted in a way that is both aesthetically and technically pleasing.

Exterior Photography

We understand the importance of giving potential buyers or tenants a feel for the surrounding area of your property. We will utilize different lenses and perspectives to capture the unique features of each location.

Aerial Photography

This type of photography allows for a stunning bird’s eye view of your property. We will capture beautiful images from the air, giving potential buyers or tenants a better understanding of your property as a whole.

Twilight Photography

Twilight photography has become increasingly popular in recent years for a good reason. We have the necessary experience and equipment to capture images at dusk that give your property a magical, ethereal feel.

3D Tours 

3D Tours are an enticing way to give buyers or renters more of a feel for the space before they even step foot in it. Statistics show that listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views than listings without. 

Our photographer will use a Matterport 3D camera to take several photos of each room. After that, all the images are put together through virtual tour software.

Headshot Photography

Now that you have a stunning photography project that captures your property’s entire essence, why not top it off with headshots of the team that made it all happen? Putting faces to your brand will help build trust and connection as well as give your brand a strong, professional, and unified presence.

Our headshot photography can consist of a variety of backdrops, including both indoor and outdoor settings. If you want to get creative and take the lead with your branding, we can also work with you to customize the shoot to match your brand’s identity.

We can then polish your headshots off with our advanced retouching capabilities, including color correction, blemish removal, teeth whitening, and more.

Services After the Shoot

The magic does not stop there. We understand that each project is unique and requires specific follow-up attention. We will go above and beyond to provide post-production services to make your project shine.

Virtual Staging

If your property is not already staged, we will curate virtual staging that will create an ambiance and atmosphere that will be sure to entice potential buyers or renters. We understand the importance of ensuring that each space is staged perfectly, and virtual staging is a great way to achieve that.


We employ the latest photographic techniques and equipment to ensure that every detail, from textures, colors, and perspectives, is perfectly represented. We also use high-end post-production techniques to enhance each image and make it stand out even further.

We understand the excitement and importance behind waiting to see the final product, which is why we will deliver your project in high-resolution and MLS format within 1-2 business days.

Luxury Real Estate Photography That Exceeds Expectations

To top it off, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service, ensuring you have a delightful and stress-free experience. Whether you’re marketing a sprawling estate, chic urban penthouse, or Airbnb property, there’s no better choice than Flux Media for luxury real estate photography.

Let’s work together to elevate your brand and increase your bottom line. Contact us today to get started on your project!

Check out our portfolio to see more examples of our photography work!


Real estate drone photography is becoming increasingly popular and profitable for real estate agents and photographers. Drone photography offers a unique perspective of a property, allowing potential buyers to get an aerial view of the entire property before making a purchase decision. Drones also allow photographers to capture images from angles that are impossible with traditional photography equipment.

The cost of drone photography has gone down significantly in recent years, making it an affordable option for even the smallest of budgets.

Drones are increasingly being used in real estate photography because they offer a unique perspective that can’t be achieved with traditional cameras. Drones provide an aerial view of properties, allowing potential buyers to get a better understanding of the property and its surroundings. Drone photography is also used for marketing luxury homes, as it helps showcase the beauty and grandeur of the property from afar.

The most popular drones used in real estate photography are the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic 2 Pro, and Inspire 1. These drones are reliable, easy to use, and provide stunning aerial images for potential buyers.

Drone video for real estate is becoming increasingly popular as a way to showcase properties in an attractive and creative manner. The cost of drone video can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the quality of the footage desired. A comprehensive package may include high-resolution photos, aerial video footage, and even virtual tours.

A luxury real estate photographer is someone who specializes in capturing the beauty, grandeur, and unique character of luxury homes and properties. They possess the necessary technical skills, creative flair, and an eye for detail to create stunning images that help promote a property’s high-end features.

Luxury real estate photography requires a keen eye for the finer details. Photographers must have a deep understanding of composition, light, and angles to create images that draw potential buyers in and give them a true sense of the property’s grandeur. They must also be familiar with the latest technology such as drones, which allow for unique perspectives and stunning aerial shots.

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