How to Take Real Estate Photos With Your Smartphone


Smartphones these days are more than powerful enough to take beautiful photos. So you’ve finally made the big decision to sell your property. You’ve only completed the first step. Now, you’re going to need to attract potential buyers who would actually want to make the purchase. One of the easiest ways to do this is […]

Ten Tips for First Year Realtors

Realtor passing key to buyer

Navigating as a first year realtor doesn’t have to be difficult. If it’s your first year as a realtor, the best thing that you can probably know is that there are many things you don’t know. Now, read that sentence again. As a first year realtor, you may have a firm grasp on theories and […]

Tips for Scaling Your Real Estate Brokerage

Commercial real estate properties

A business that needs to grow is a good business. If you’re reading this article, chances are I can take a guess at how your real estate brokerage is faring. You’ve most likely been in the real estate game for a couple of years now and are feeling confident with the experience you’ve gained. You’re […]